CONFOUND THESE PONIES… they drive me to remixes. 3

Up until recently, I’ve done a great deal of “Underground” remixing as “Eurobeat Brony” in the new and unusually demographic-defying “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. It’s a charming show that’s surprisingly more than tolerable for the adult demographic, with music that lends itself VERY well to Eurobeat. After what […]

PARTY PARTY PARTY: Magic Hammer Music

MANY TIMES PARTY IS GO! IT IS FOR THE FUN YOU VISIT AND MAKE YOUR LISTENS! …okay, in all honesty, it’s a project that the mastermind “RainbowDragonEyes”, known for “Dance On Fire” and “Blue Sky” from Super Euro Freak Vol. 1, has been working on. I’ve lent my writing […]