Still Alive 4

Sadly, this will not be a review of anything Portal related, and will not discuss the dishonesty of the notion of cakes.

No, this is just a reminder that, despite my lack of updates as of late, I am, in fact, still alive and well. I haven’t been doing much musically, due to a new string of troubles school-money-wise, but I am still quite active.

In fact, I would like to take this time to buck the notion by certain naysayers that I’ve been unstable in my recent music output. I have, in fact, still put out some Eurobeat, though mostly for fun and in a sort of ‘underground’ way; the pieces themselves were basically for the sake of having fun with the genre again, and trying new things here or there. I’ll be back in the saddle once certain things are stable again. Note the puns.

To those whom I owe works/updates— I’ve not forgotten you. Please bear with me as I get through a pretty tough spot right now. To those whom are awaiting my next work(s)— they are still coming. Just think of this as a slight delay before our next flight. 🙂 Reaction to “Entropy” was mostly positive, so perhaps there will be more sentimental works coming out of Odyssey Studio yet~

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4 thoughts on “Still Alive

  • dawg

    Hey, nice site, thanks for the instructions! Also, I’d like to ask if, maybe you could tell me how you did that “reverse” synth riff in Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Eurobeat Mix) at 0:48? It immediatly caught my attention, since I’ve been wanting to reproduce that sound since I’ve first heard it in Who do you think you are from Spice girls, lol:D

    Your help would be appreciated!

  • admin Post author

    Thank you Dawg!

    The sound effect I use at 0:48 is a built-in Apple Loop, “2-Step Thump Beat FX 21”. It sounds, to me, like a light snare with an EQ-based filter or automation on it, if you’re looking to recreate it on a non-Mac.

  • dawg

    Hey, I’ve checked it out, but what you were talking about was a drum sequence. It’s before that exact “scratch” that I’d like.