SCP Music Needs Your Help 2

From this post from SCP’s Facebook page:

Only 285 views and 5 shares? If these numbers won’t increase, SCP will stop the production of his music and digital distribution..


As long as there is will to fight for this genre, we will not let SCP crumble.

The problem here isn’t social shares or views, the problem is the sales those would generate, which simply are not happening. To save a HUGE rant and elaborate explanations… basically, SCP is doing everything VERY right, but the circumstances under which it’s had to manage for the last decade have, frankly, damned them (and their peers) from doing well in the general dance music market, without external help.

Their primary publishers, Avex, have been an active detriment to their welfare and the welfare of other eurobeat labels overall, and I’m frankly stunned and worried sick that THIS label is the one that’s crying out for help right now— I would have figured they were doing best of all.

Friends… if you are fans of eurobeat at all, on any level, please know that if any one label has been everything the genre needs in the 21st century, has done everything possible right, tried new things, interacted with their fans, spread the word, handled eurobeat the way it frankly needs to be handled… it’s Stefano Castagna Productions and their crew. To lose them would be a significant loss to the eurobeat genre in whole. They’re not the only label suffering right now, but they at least have the most hope for survival because they’ve actually given us a means of helping them— published digital releases available for purchase, outside of Japan.

Below are links to albums and singles they’ve released on iTunes in the USA. Please buy their music, and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.



EUROKUDOS 5 will only come soon if they can afford to release it.

  • SAMURAI BLUE (Eurobeat Version)/GO2:
  • SAMURAI BLUE (Hi-Tension Version)/GO2:

Please help me keep SCP Music alive. Tweet this post. Reblog it on Tumblr. Post it to Facebook. Whatever it takes to keep SCP Music afloat, please help me do so. I ask a lot of favors from you all, and I hate to do that. But this is something much bigger than myself, and I implore you to consider the scope of your assistance by buying even one of their songs.

Let’s keep eurobeat alive.

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2 thoughts on “SCP Music Needs Your Help

  • Lebon14

    If SCP goes out of Eurobeat… SEB wouldn’t be SEB anymore without SCP. It would become extremely blend and I’ll hardly find any interests in SEB after that.

    Delta has become extremely generic since Newfield quitted making music. Everything sounds the same.

    Hi-NRG Attack has changed for the best recently. However, I just don’t wanna bet big on them just yet. They also don’t release their stuff on the Internet anymore… They were pioneer for that!

    SinclaireStyle is probably the next big thing after SCP. Andrea seem to put a lot of effort into getting the word out. However, they only release their next tracks and the old Delta-era material isn’t available at all. A shame

    Time/Eurogrooves. Pure exemple how a glorious label that produced so many hits in the past can become dust in the wind. All the material they produced, forever stashed away in Avex’ hard drives, never to be released.

    A-Beat-C/SunFire had tracks loved by a lot of people back in the day. However, Dave Rodgers doesn’t get along the digital days and did absolutely nothing to try and release his SunFire and A-beat-C material beside that one album on iTunes which had a ridiculoudly cut version of The Race Is The Game (Was that or what was the other similar title?).

    Dima is probably another of those labels that can survive too. Sjoerd does a good job at spreading the word around and help Davide in these times. However, I feel that Davide is kind of another Delta these days.

    Asia/BBB is past their prime time which was in the 2002-2007 era. The label is barely hanging in there with a song every now and then with the same female vocalist. Mauro only sang one song in the last year and that song is set to be a classic. It’s also hanging at the fact that it’s VERY pop sounding too. I have nothing against the fact that a Eurobeat song can sound like a pop song but not always. They’ve always been releasing their tracks on Junodownload when they are new ones which is welcome. However, absolutely ZERO promotion is done about it.

    If I had something to blame for all of this, it would be: COPYRIGHT. That fucking thing is destroying and crippling innovation. It stops people to make thing that other people might enjoy. Eurobeat is a very good exemple how detrimental copyright is. Eurobeat is an underground genre, it needs all the exposition it can get. Stuff needs to get released. People NEED to have access to it; not a crippled access to a VERY limited catalog put up by Avex online. It makes me so angry!

    I think I said enough.
    Lebon out.

  • Joe

    Thanks for this info I just got all 5 albums. I am new to eurobeat as of last year and hardest thing is finding where to get stuff. I have been buying old used SEBs but that doesn’t exactly help artists at all.