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EDIT: I should be clear that there is no accusation against A-One in this post; they have been a very gracious and accepting host to me and my work for years.

ALSO EDIT: The song is written from Mokou’s perspective, towards Kaguya.

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you got here from the Youtube video or through Nico Nico Douga. I will explain something about “Lunatic” that will hopefully clarify a few things. Perhaps you thought the vocals were a bit rough, or poorly recorded, or just plain done wrong. あなたがこれを読んでいるのなら、チャンスはあなたがYoutubeビデオをから、あるいはニコ動を介してここに来たことが良いです。私はうまくいけばいくつかのことを明確にし、 “ルナティック”について何かを説明します。おそらくあなたは、ボーカルが少し荒い、または不完全に記録された、あるいは単に間違ったことだと思っていた。

I happen to agree. To make a long story short, I had EXTREMELY little time to work on that part. After sending the song in, I felt absolutely terrible about how my song compared to the likes of the other musicians who had shown up on the album. How could I consider myself an artist if my work was THAT bad in comparison? I felt that the end result brought the album down. To compensate, I found a day to re-record, created a new and improved version, and tried to submit that version to A-One. However, I was informed (VERY graciously!) that the CD was already being pressed/printed/etc. and that the first version was going to be set in stone. I could do, essentially, as I pleased with the new version. 私は同意するが起こる。長い話を短くするために、私はその部分で動作するように極端に少ない時間を過ごしました。に曲を送信した後、私は私の歌がアルバム上を示していた他のミュージシャンの同類と比較して方法については絶対に恐ろしいと感じました。私の仕事が比較してそれほど悪くなかった場合、どのように私は私自身をアーティストと考えでしょうか?私は最終的な結果がダウンしてアルバムを持っていると感じました。私は、再レコードへの日を発見した新しい改良版を作成し、A-Oneにそのバージョンを提出しようとし、補償する必要があります。しかし、私はCDは既に押されの/ etc /印刷されていること(非常に丁重に!)知らされた。最初のバージョンは石で設定するつもりだった。私は、新しいバージョンに満足した私は、本質的に、行うことができます。

I contemplated only giving the track to those who would send in timestamped pictures of their physical CDs or receipts of their imports… but truth be told, that would be rather prohibitive in general, and most of the fans I know get it through a direct download (which is sort of sad, knowing how hard my fellow Eurobeat producers/writers/etc worked on songs such as the ones on TEB5). So, to be fair (and as a small form of penance for the quality of my first submission), below are the mp3 and WAV of Lunatic with better vocals. If you do download this song, please consider buying the whole album as well! 私は彼らの物理的なCDまたはそれらの輸入品の領収書のタイムスタンプ付きの写真で送信しようとする者たちにトラックを提供する考え…しかし、真実が語られる、それは一般的にはかなり高額になり、ファンのほとんどは私が直接ダウンロード(を介して取得知っているそれは私の仲間のユーロビート·プロデューサー/ライターの/ etcなどの曲に取り組んでいかに難しいかを知って、ソート悲しいですTEB5)上のもの。だから、優れたボーカルと狂気のMP3やWAV以下に、(そして、私の最初の提出の品質に対する贖罪のスモール·フォームなど)を公正にします。この曲をダウンロードして行う場合だけでなく、アルバム全体を購入を検討してください!

Thank you for your time, please continue to support Eurobeat acts in the near future. As for me… I will soon find another way to make up for this. Look forward to it! お時間をいただき、ありがとうございます、近い将来にユーロビートの行為を継続してサポートしてください。私として…私はすぐにこれを補うために別の方法を見つける。それを楽しみにしています! 私は日本語を学び、GTranslateを使用して停止する必要がありますwww

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10 thoughts on “Regarding “Lunatic” / “Lunatic”について

  • ED

    The usual question no one has given me an answer: where can I get the CD’s and please be it in english website. French or Spanish are fine too, I just dont happen to know japanese.

  • Odyssey Post author

    Sadly I don’t know of too many import sites that ship doujin works to the United States. The most I can say is, either reach a friend in Japan, or ask A-One directly.

  • Present Perfect

    Hey, but you still got on an album, that’s awesome! And the new song at least sounds great.

    Do you have the lyrics anywhere? (I’d never heard anything about this until you posted the YouTube video.)

  • Hanyuu

    For everyone wondering how to get imports from the Japanese shops to the US (or elsewhere), you can use a mail forwarding service like Tenso to get stuff from shops that don’t ship internationally. That’s how I get my Touhous every time Reitaisai or Comiket rolls around.

  • SRT

    When I first heard on TEB5, “Lunatic” was not a memorable song.
    but I did not think bad.

    I think listening to new songs.
    Once this has been included on the TEB5, it would without a doubt the most impressive was the song.
    thank you.
    Please let me hear the great songs in the future.

  • Arche

    If someone could name a website with the cds that ships to the US I’d be more than happy to purchase a copy

  • Efique

    Thank you for providing the links, they are very helpful. I just wish someone could post a link on how to purchase the CD’s from Japan to the US on an English language site…

  • Frysning

    I wan’t to buy al the albums from A-one eventually I really like that group, but I can’t find any ways to obtain real copies. So If someone can help me I would really appreciate it.

  • Bablet

    😀 I thought I’d let anyone who comes across this know that the 2.o Lunatic was the first of his vocal songs I’d ever heard, and is my favorite. Keep on singing, OdySteb!