How To Save Eurobeat: Content and Quality Matter

Before I’m immediately decried as “redudant as hell” with that title, allow me to explain what I mean. This is the second time I’ve written this entry, and instead of being purely Eurobeat-focused I’d like to broaden my examinations to media on a larger scale. After all, regardless of my […]

How To Save Eurobeat: An Introduction

This is the first post in a new series I hope to maintain and update continually regarding the continuation and health of Eurobeat as a commercially viable genre. In… less flowery prose, I’ll be writing about what it’ll take to keep Eurobeat alive. As the hearsay of Eurobeat’s impending doom […]

Catering Vs. Pandering

…this probably isn’t my best decision, to write a blog post this late at night on a subject that may not make me very popular with people. But… it’s something that’s keeping me up to begin with, a thought that reflects not just Eurobeat, but media in general. As some […]

Another quick thought on modern music and Eurobeat 1

In perhaps a more positive light this time, I’d like to revisit the subject of modern music and what Eurobeat stands to learn from it. There are, of course, those who continue to surmise that “American Top 40″ will continue to kill the genre and that all hope is lost […]

On dubstep and Old-School-Only’s knife in Eurobeat’s back 3

Oh put your bloody pitchforks and torches away. I’m not suggesting that Eurobeat should become more like Dubstep for the rest of its days (or even vice versa… though I doubt an experiment would go unappreciated). And no, I’m not out to taint your “old-school-only” mentalities by comparing Eurobeat to […]

Sure wish I was getting a chunk of this. 4 It’s one thing to pirate my stuff. That’s gonna happen. But turning a profit on it? That’s a new low. It’s a ripoff anyway; on my store, it’s available for FREE. Just sayin’. Please Share!

How to listen to J-Euro (for those who don’t like JPop) 1

How does one learn to appreciate some of the most unique Eurobeat on the market without causing their eardrums to bleed? This is meant as more of a guide for the intermediate Eurobeat fan who’s ready for more than just Avex’s “top 50″ Eurobeat releases on iTunes or Amazon or whatever.

Eurobeat samples and sounds! 4

For you aspiring Eurobeat producers that have been looking for juuuuust the right sound, THE WAIT IS OVER!!! Laurent “Newfield” Gelmetti is selling individual parts of the standard Eurobeat soundworld, including the ever-elusive SYNTH BRASS from the JD800! With these, you can be SURE what you’re making sounds like […]

Fantasy Job for Eurobeat fanatics like me 1

So I gave it some thought and I realized that, if such a position existed, I would gladly toss my other prospects to the wind and pursue it. Yes, there are jobs one could conjure of such caliber that could drive me to cast aside my lifelong ambitions if it […]