Today, 8-10-13 3

Today, I’m doing something I haven’t done in a long time. Yes, that included updating this blog, silly. But it also involves where I’m updating it from, and indeed how I intend to spend the day. Right now as I type, I’m sitting at Santa Cruz’s cozy little coffee den, […]

Fourth of July Special: America in Eurobeat! 1

To celebrate the Fourth of July, here are a handful of America-themed Eurobeat songs that have wound their way into the ears and hearts of Eurobeat fans everywhere. Confessedly a few of these are about California, but there are also quite a few about New York too (not on this […]

Check this out: DJ Command’s remix of “Play My Game”, layer by layer Ever wanted to see a Eurobeat song broken down into understandable pieces? Take a look at JUST the pictures and Soundcloud portions alone, and you can get a damned good idea of what goes into a high-quality Eurobeat song, from how some instruments should sound to how you’d plunk […]

Super Eurobeat Collections on American iTunes: Now What? 1

As glad as I am to see the SEB Presents… collections on iTunes again, I can’t help but fear that, even with my own efforts to bring attention to the series not doing too poorly, people will largely be unaware that these albums are available, and they will dwindle into […]

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“Super Eurobeat Presents” collections back on American iTunes!

A strange and wonderful thing has happened just today: Avex has finally brought the “Super Eurobeat Presents” collections back to American iTunes! The (comprehensive? correct me if I’m wrong!) list of albums now available for purchase is below. Before I go on, I want to profusely thank Avex for permitting […]

Super Ponybeat — Fly (Euro Flight Mix)

“Fly” is now/finally out! A few things have changed but this has been a bit of a brief adventure over just under half a year! For the person with whom I originally wanted to work on this track… I do hope we can still work on something together in the […]

Reposting from Tumblr: A thought on Live EDM and Cookies

[This is being reposted from my all-too-frequently-updated Tumblr,, when it really REALLY belongs here as well.] aka “Odyssey throws his hat into the ‘Digital DJing vs Vinyl” ring. I was thinking about live performances recently, about this notion of straightforward Controllerism (such as using a Launchpad or MIDI Fighter) […]

Regarding “Lunatic” / “Lunatic”について 10

EDIT: I should be clear that there is no accusation against A-One in this post; they have been a very gracious and accepting host to me and my work for years. ALSO EDIT: The song is written from Mokou’s perspective, towards Kaguya. If you’re reading this, chances are good that […]

How to Save Eurobeat — PRODUCERS: Experiment, Experiment, Experiment! 2

This one will come as no surprise to my long-time acquaintances in this genre; on forums and in several other places I’ve been incredibly vocal about Eurobeat expanding its horizons and trying new things. Of course, in a genre in which simply suggesting that the genre make the best of […]