CONFOUND THESE PONIES… they drive me to remixes. 3

Up until recently, I’ve done a great deal of “Underground” remixing as “Eurobeat Brony” in the new and unusually demographic-defying “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. It’s a charming show that’s surprisingly more than tolerable for the adult demographic, with music that lends itself VERY well to Eurobeat.

After what I thought was some mere tinkering around with these songs and nothing more, they’ve recently gained a great deal of attention, with easily more than 100,000+ views on Youtube (with thanks to Bandpuffs/Tanman for hosting!) and a namedrop by the show’s composer in an interview:

“Eurobeat Brony is awesome, and yes I’ve definitely checked out his work. He’s made some great arrangements and even extended some of the shorter songs into longer melodies. The guy is talented and it’s an honor to have people get inspired enough by the work I do to go put their own stamp on it…”

-Daniel Ingram, response to Question 15 on Equestria Daily

Suffice to say I’m surprised at the outcome of it all. So, I choose this moment to bring it to you, my fans. Please enjoy my remixes of the excellent compositional works of Daniel Ingram from the show by the excellent Lauren Faust…


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3 thoughts on “CONFOUND THESE PONIES… they drive me to remixes.

  • Tekaramity

    Hm. I posit that Super Ponybeat has already made the world a far better place.

    I can discern no logical reason to disagree with such a notion.

  • Creator

    Wow, congrats on the 10k+ views! I’m trying to wrap my head around what this would sound like, but I can’t wait to hear it! If only I remembered my headphones this morning!

    Also, I’ve decided that you have more pen names than I do. XD