Here’s my existing self-published music discography!

The first three columns of albums & songs are available to stream from Bandcamp. (Additionally, Bandcamp also contains collections of acapella/instrumental versions of some of these songs and albums). The bottom column contains information regarding my works published by third parties. [As of 06-21-2018, I’m still working on this page. Turns out I’ve made more tracks than I can remember!]

Albums & EPs

My Life as a Pixel Vol. 1 (2010)

My Life as a Pixel Vol.2 (2012)

Data Flow EP (2017)

Super Ponybeat Series

Super Ponybeat Vol.1 (2010-2011)

Super Ponybeat Vol.2 (2011-2013)

Super Ponybeat Vol.3 (2013-2016)

Luna 2018 

Luna’s Future 

Singles (Chron. Order)

Turn Back


Like I’m Yours

Coffee & Cream

Eye to Eye

Fleeting Feelings

Walking on Stars

Luna’s Future (Euro Cast Mix)

Bright Idea



Screaming Sky


Kiss Me Kill Me



I’m Okay With That


Love Murderer



Gas Love

I Breathe Fire

Ghosts of Suburbia

My Work Published Elsewhere

SUPER EUROBEAT VOL 201: “When The Sun Goes Down” by Ken Blast
Written by L. Gelmetti & V. DeGiorgio, Composed by T. Stebbins
Produced by L. Newfield & Odyssey

SUPER EUROBEAT VOL 209: “New Horizon” by Ken Blast
Written & Composed by T. Stebbins
Produced by M. Capaldi & S. Moretti

SUPER EUROBEAT VOL 217: “The Top” by Ken Blast
Written & Composed by T. Stebbins
Produced by M. Capaldi & S. Moretti

SUPER EUROBEAT VOL 223: “Overjoy” by Leslie Parrish
Written by C. Moroni, Composed by T. Stebbins
Produced by M. Capaldi & S. Moretti

(NOTE: All songs listed here are remixes of songs originally composed by Jun’ya “ZUN” Ota for the Touhou series of games. Except where specified, all lyrics were written by T. Stebbins and all songs were produced and arranged by Odyssey & The DNA Team.)

“China Gal” by T. Stebbins
Produced & Arranged by Sugano
(Original song: “Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea”)

“Savior of the Sky” by T. Stebbins
Produced & Arranged by Sugano
(Original song: “Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind”)

“It Is So” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “A Soul As Red As A Ground Cherry”)

“Leave Me In The Dark” by T. Stebbins
Produced & Arranged by Sugano
(Original song: “Apparitions Stalk the Night”)

“Adequate” by Odyssey
(Original songs: “Eastern Mystical Dream – Ancient Temple” and “Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird – Till When?”)

“Final Breath” by Odyssey
(Original song: “Border of Life | Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom”)

“LUNATIC” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Flight in the Bamboo Cutter – Lunatic Princess” and “Voyage 1970”)

“The End” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “The Flowers Remain in Fantasy”)

“Rain Dance” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “The Gods Give Us Blessed Rain – Sylphid Dream”)

“Worldly Spirits” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Awakening of the Earth Spirits” and “The Earth Spirits’ Homecoming”)

“Remorse” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “Youkai Temple”)

“UFO Lover” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “UFO Romance in the Night Sky”)

“No Guardian Angel” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Highly Responsive to Prayers” and “Eastern Strange Discourse”)

“Time Will Tell” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Now, Until the Moment You Die” and “Civilization of Magic”)

“Zombie” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “Rigid Paradise”)

“Loud Faith” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “Youkai Girl at the Gate”)

“Calm and the Storm” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Mist Lake” and “Mermaid from the Uncharted Land”)

“UNINSTALL LOVE” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “Thunderclouds of Magical Power”)

“On The Moon” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “The Moon as Seen from the Shrine” and “The Space Shrine Maiden Returns Home”)

“Purest” by T. Stebbins
(Original song: “The Purest Sky and Sea”)

“Tear You Up” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea” and “Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17”)

“Catch Us” by Odyssey
(Original songs: “Youkai Domination – Who done it!” and “Necrofantasia”)

“More Than A Night” by Mortimer
(Original songs: “Plain Asia” and “Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World”)

“Phantom Fantasy” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Ancient Temple” & “Phantom Ensemble”)

“FAITH” by T. Stebbins
(Original songs: “Cemetery of Onbashira ~ Grave of Being” and “The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field”)

“FAITH” by

NOTE: In all cases except where noted otherwise, Lyrics are by T. Stebbins & Composition/Production are by Sugano. These are tracks not published by A-One Records Japan.

“Sands of Time”

“Final Blow”

“Red Line”
Co-produced with Tetsuco

(Coming soon!)