Fourth of July Special: America in Eurobeat! 1

To celebrate the Fourth of July, here are a handful of America-themed Eurobeat songs that have wound their way into the ears and hearts of Eurobeat fans everywhere. Confessedly a few of these are about California, but there are also quite a few about New York too (not on this list because I’m biased as hell).

(You can pick this one up on iTunes!)

(This one’s on iTunes too!)

Which ones are your favorites? What do you think of America as a theme for Eurobeat lyrics and remixes? Leave a comment, and be sure to check out some American-made Eurobeat at or check out my releases

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One thought on “Fourth of July Special: America in Eurobeat!

  • Krakonas

    I enjoyed Livin in America by Mega NRG Man, simply because it was the only one that had a fairly strong synth hook. The vocals weren’t terrible either.