FIRE – Eurobeat Presets for Xfer Serum

FIRE - Eurobeat Presets Mini-Pack for Xfer Serum

It’s time to start the fire!
FIRE delivers 10 Eurobeat presets in Xfer Serum, giving you the right sounds for making hit Eurobeat tracks in minutes, not days.

Eurobeat’s a lot of fun to listen to and make! From Italy-based superstars like Dave Rodgers, Niko, Manuel, Pamsy, Domino, Virginelle, SYMBOL, and Franz Tornado to Japanese and North American producers like DJ Command, Coda, and many more, it’s as fun to make eurobeat as it is to dance around to it!

But when it comes to getting the sounds right, samples don’t always cut it and designing the sounds yourself is time-consuming. If you haven’t already been working with the kinds of vintage synthesizers Italo Disco producers have been using for years, it may seem difficult or even impossible to get those specific eurobeat sounds right. 

Wouldn’t you rather just… make the song that’s in your head come to life, instead of trying to emulate those unique sounds?

That’s where this pack comes in.

With FIRE for Xfer Serum, anyone can go from Absolute 0 to Eurobeat Hero in a short amount of time! There have been plenty of eurobeat-focused resources for other synths and samplers before, but FIRE for Xfer Serum is (to Odyssey Eurobeat’s knowledge, anyway) the first purely Eurobeat-focused preset pack for Serum!

• The demo song & all 4-second preset previews
• 10 Eurobeat Presets for Xfer Serum 
    – 1 Tight Arp 
    – 2 Punchy Stabs
    – 3 Bouncy Basses
    – 4 Signature Brasses
• 10 MIDI files for each 4-second example on this page 
• 1 Handy-Dandy README file in PDF format

“Now, hold on a minute,” you might say.

You might have some questions about this pack before investing in it. So, let’s try to answer a few of them beforehand, starting with this one:

“What do I need to use FIRE?”

All you need is a DAW capable of running the most current version of the VSTi plugin Serum from Xfer Records, and Serum from Xfer Records itself.

This means if you have Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, Cakewalk… it doesn’t matter! As long as you have Serum and this pack, you can start making eurobeat music right away! Speaking of DAWs…

“Why doesn’t this pack come with DAW project files?”

While the original intention was to include a Logic Pro X project file (the demo was created entirely using stock Logic Pro plugins and sounds, Apple Loops sounds, and Serum), ultimately this does little to demonstrate how flexible Serum patches can be.

That’s why, instead, I direct your attention to those 4-second clips on the top of the page. Give them another listen through, right? This pack contains the MIDI files used to create each clip, including pitch bend and modulation information. You can throw those into any DAW, and get the same result as you heard in the clip. From there it’s up to you!

“Why doesn’t this come with any drums?”

Very observant! I point your attention again to the way the demo track was created— using only stock plugins and sounds alongside Xfer Serum. Ultimately, there are many kinds of drums that work well with eurobeat music. (Odyssey Eurobeat in particular has been fond of Black Octopus’ “Wicked Drum Hits” series, for instance.)

Eurobeat drums can be more varied and unique than just a Roland TR-909 Open-hat, if you want them to be! As long as the kick is punchy, those open hats sizzle, and the rest of the drums groove, go with whichever drums you think will get that eurobeat sound right.

(If you really must have SOME manner of drums to work with, Odyssey Eurobeat did include some loops in “Eurobeat Beginners’ Pack Vol.1“!)

“If I have any questions, how should I ask them?”

In the README file included in the pack, there is information on how to contact me with questions regarding the pack. If you have any, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

If you’ve made it this far… why wait any longer?