Fantasy Job for Eurobeat fanatics like me 1

So I gave it some thought and I realized that, if such a position existed, I would gladly toss my other prospects to the wind and pursue it. Yes, there are jobs one could conjure of such caliber that could drive me to cast aside my lifelong ambitions if it meant this could work.

My fantasy job would be the in-house Eurobeat producer for Red Bull.

And why not? Both are energetic, I consume both in excessive amounts, and what better way to promote a high-energy drink than with high-energy music? Red Bull recently did a ‘rave’ in the quad of the dorms at SJSU, gladly playing Eurobeat-level BPMs and disco-ish beats. I say the time is ripe, Red Bull! It is time to catch onto the growing opportunity for Eurobeat to take the mainstream, and you will be its proprietor, and I shall be its propellor!

…in less flowery language… DO IT RED BULL PLZKTHX.

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