The Eurobeat Beginners’ Pack

Make Real Eurobeat In Minutes

It’s time to start producing the eurobeat you’ve dreamed of making. If you’re new to the world of eurobeat production, this pack is going to cut hours of work out of the equation so you can spend less time on trying to recreate specific sound designs, and more time making the songs you want to make! Wow your fans and make new ones with eurobeat using sounds as good as the ones the pros use.

For new producers just starting out, synthesizers may be a pricey investment, and getting the right sounds out of them may take hours for a user who doesn’t have sound design down-pat. There are also sample packs similar to this one, but they either cost a lot of money or take a while to ship from Japan and rip to CD. When I was new to this scene, I would’ve preferred to have just a handful of the right sounds to get started, at an affordable price! This is my chance to offer that very kind of resource.

That’s precisely what this pack is— for only $10, you get one bouncy FM bass, three energetic stabs, and five of those signature eurobeat-style synth-brasses, each with at least three octaves ready to be loaded into your sampler so you spend less time on worrying about getting the right sound, and more time on making the song you’ve dreamed of making! Plus, enjoy three drum loops to get your creative juices flowing. All of these sounds, except one of the stabs, have been used in existing eurobeat productions before their use here, including “Stronger”, “Gone”, and much of the Super Ponybeat series.

This pack doesn’t contain any one-shot drum samples, simply because you can find most of the right drums for eurobeat in most modern DAWs, or pick them up for free. When you buy the Eurobeat Beginners’ Pack, you’re getting unique sounds that will give you that distinct eurobeat flavor that you just can’t get in other sample packs of this price!

Now the only thing you can’t afford is to wait. Buy this pack and make the eurobeat music you’ve always dreamed of making, today!