Odyssey Music Updates

I’m Not Dead, Just Busy.

Hello everyone, It’s been a while since I got back to many of you, particularly here on the blog or on Facebook. I’m writing to let you know I’m not dead or any further put-off after the removal of “Clarity” from my Soundcloud due to suspicious copyright takedown, I’ve just […]

Regarding Grayson Bruce and MLP

Not long after I participated in and spread the word about the fundraising efforts for Michael Morones and his bout with bullying for liking My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (he was bullied to the point of attempting to take his own life, which left him suffering severe brain damage […]

CONFOUND THESE PONIES… they drive me to remixes. 3

Up until recently, I’ve done a great deal of “Underground” remixing as “Eurobeat Brony” in the new and unusually demographic-defying “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. It’s a charming show that’s surprisingly more than tolerable for the adult demographic, with music that lends itself VERY well to Eurobeat. After what […]


Still Alive 4

Sadly, this will not be a review of anything Portal related, and will not discuss the dishonesty of the notion of cakes. No, this is just a reminder that, despite my lack of updates as of late, I am, in fact, still alive and well. I haven’t been doing much […]