A Word about English Miku 2

Today, Version 3.0 of Hatsune Miku is now available to international audiences— on Windows AND OSX, marking the first time Vocaloid Software has been readily accessible on the latter platform. North and South American fans can buy it here. English-speaking fans have been clamoring for this update (mostly for the […]


Eurobeat samples and sounds! 4

For you aspiring Eurobeat producers that have been looking for juuuuust the right sound, THE WAIT IS OVER!!! Laurent “Newfield” Gelmetti is selling individual parts of the standard Eurobeat soundworld, including the ever-elusive SYNTH BRASS from the JD800! With these, you can be SURE what you’re making sounds like […]

Eurobeat Creation Theory: Synth Riffs/”Sabi”s 1

Eurobeat has an unusual dual nature in terms of its existence as a variety of popular music; whereas most modern music employs only one variety of chorus, Eurobeat is dependent on two. As creators of such a genre, we should do very well to explore and learn how to utilize the different varieties of sabis available to a creator.