Today, 8-10-13 3

Today, I’m doing something I haven’t done in a long time. Yes, that included updating this blog, silly. But it also involves where I’m updating it from, and indeed how I intend to spend the day. Right now as I type, I’m sitting at Santa Cruz’s cozy little coffee den, […]

Fourth of July Special: America in Eurobeat! 1

To celebrate the Fourth of July, here are a handful of America-themed Eurobeat songs that have wound their way into the ears and hearts of Eurobeat fans everywhere. Confessedly a few of these are about California, but there are also quite a few about New York too (not on this […]

Super Ponybeat — Fly (Euro Flight Mix)

“Fly” is now/finally out! A few things have changed but this has been a bit of a brief adventure over just under half a year! For the person with whom I originally wanted to work on this track… I do hope we can still work on something together in the […]

Reposting from Tumblr: A thought on Live EDM and Cookies

[This is being reposted from my all-too-frequently-updated Tumblr, odysseyeurobeat.tumblr.com, when it really REALLY belongs here as well.] aka “Odyssey throws his hat into the ‘Digital DJing vs Vinyl” ring. I was thinking about live performances recently, about this notion of straightforward Controllerism (such as using a Launchpad or MIDI Fighter) […]