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Note: This page was written over eight years ago. Updates coming soon. – T, 9-4-2018

So much Caffeine, so little time~

Where do I begin? What started me in on this little adventure called music? I could blame/thank my parents, who raised me in a house constantly filled with music of all sorts and eventually encouraged me to take up piano. I could blame my friends in middle and high school, who got me to try listening to bands I would probably have never really heard of were it not for them, and ignited my first love of a band beyond “oh, I know that song”. I could blame DDR and other music games, which introduced me to this silly sort of music that I’d never heard anywhere else.
No, I fear that’d be giving them too much blame. I instead blame myself, for choosing such a bizarre way to go about my enthusiasm for music— have the audacity to join my heroes. I started composing this music (without really knowing it) when I was, what, 13? With my family’s computer and a simple MIDI editor, I set out to create fast and interesting music that gave people more to do than just sort of sit idly and listen to it; quite a few hardware changes (and one room-change) later, I’ve had the privilege to talk to and work with some of the best creative minds and musicians in the Eurobeat world. I haven’t met them all, and I’d like to, but the fact that I’ve gone as far as I have without someone with talent finally telling me to stop, is truly a blessing for me.

As of this Monday night in which I type this introduction, I’m a 20 year old Macbook hipster who just recently got accepted into San Jose State University. I run on Caffeine, Eurobeat music, God’s love and the support of my friends. I also once worked at Safeway as a courtesy clerk in an almost all-senior citizen town in California (an experience which led to one of my Super Eurobeat entries).

Where do I fit into the Eurobeat picture? Depends on who you ask. In Japan, you’d recognize me as “the singer and writer on ‘Sands of Time’ by Sugano”, or, more simply, “Ken Blast” from Super Eurobeat 201, 209 and 217.  On the internet in general, you’d know me as Ken Blast, Ray Dynamo, Odyssey, Mortimer, Eurobeat Brony, DNA Team, or T. Stebbins. You may even know me as Odyssey from my Myspace; more power to you. Others still may know me from my songs on Most Extreme Ultiate Thunder. All in all though, if I can have a hand in creating Eurobeat, I’ll do everything I can to do that. And while I certainly don’t know as much about the Eurobeat world as some fans, most producers and almost anyone who’s forged their trails in this industry, I know this much: Eurobeat’s my music, and I am its vehicle here in Cali.


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4 thoughts on “About

  • bribri1273

    Who’d have thought that a simple obsession with cartoon ponies would lead me here.
    I’d have never guessed that a completely unrelated TV show would lead me to an amazingly upbeat and exciting genre of music and jumpstart me into music production.
    You’re amazing, Odyssey. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t let anyone get in the way of what you want to do. It’s awesome.

    (By the way, I’m glad to have finally found out that you do believe. There are so many atheistic people on the internet that it’s almost a given that they don’t, and it’s always encouraging and exciting to find someone who I admire and has faith. You really are a true inspiration for me. Thank you.)

  • jy1235689

    Hey “fan who is also a start-up producer” of Eurobeat. I admire what you’ve done. Noticing that my childhood has slipped/ is still slipping away, and it’s been awhile since I have played an instrument, where do I start? I have that “Nando” Bonini voice, but that’s pretty much it. I really want to make eurobeat, but I don’t even know where to start! What do I do? (if it helps, I am an excellent drawing, constructive, and picture taking artist.)

    I would REALLY enjoy an email!

    What started all this? Realizing that eurobeat came from the country of my ancestors. I went so far as learning Japanese and Italian. ma, si! come non parlo con le persone del Eurobeat?!

    Also, I agree with the guy above me, it’s good to be religious. It makes music sound better, along with things that are more important… (io amo Dio, perche` io amo Dio e c’e` del tempo allegro.)

    じゃあまた今度 *^_^*

  • bribri1273

    Hey, jy1235689, my email is snickerdoodle1273@gmail.com! I didn’t see your message until recently because I don’t often check this blog. Shoot me an email me sometime, I’d appreciate it; I’m still learning about music production and getting better at it, but I can’t sing for the life of me. “‘^^,