A Word about English Miku 2

Today, Version 3.0 of Hatsune Miku is now available to international audiences— on Windows AND OSX, marking the first time Vocaloid Software has been readily accessible on the latter platform. North and South American fans can buy it here. English-speaking fans have been clamoring for this update (mostly for the ability to use Miku in English, the port to OSX somewhat less so), and now that it’s here I can venture the guess that, if advertised right, it will sell quite well.


As long as I can remind aspiring producers that Vocaloid is a program first and a character later (in fact, I think you only see the character’s face in the program itself), that learning the software will take time and effort, and that the quality of your work will be more important than how many instances of Miku you can toss into the song, I look forward to seeing the same “creator-culture” attempt to spring forward in new places.

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