A day in the life of Odyssey/Ken Blast

Alright. I can imagine that some people think I’m a singer from Italy who’s doing some rock side-project and this Eurobeat thing is my day job or side job. In reality, I only get Italian from my Dad’s side (I’m slightly more Norwegian… the least I could’ve gotten is the part that TANS, but noooOOoo… >:U ), I’m relatively poor (I bag groceries every other day as my job) and I live in a beautiful part of the Monterey Bay Area in California. I do quite a bit offline, but I imagine many of you are here to know what I do for/with the Eurobeat world, so I’ll explain what I do to keep my finger on the pulse of the community.

I’ll usually start by checking on Eurobeat forums that discuss upcoming/current releases, so I can see how fans liked certain songs from certain labels. (Moreso since 201, for obvious reasons~!) After that, I bust open Youtube and run a search for the most recent videos uploaded that are tagged as “Eurobeat”, so I can see (and hear!) what’s new from other creative minds… I can catch up on Touhou music circles, DJ Command, newly uploaded Parapara routines, and so on. It’s one thing to keep an eye on avex; another, to keep an eye on independents. I hold DJ Command, for instance, in about as high of regard as I do, say, Neo of ABeatC.

After this, I’ll whip out Garageband and either finish an older tune or start sketching out a new one. In most cases I have the riff and other musical parts already in my head and the lyrics come later, but the one that I’m procrastinating on right now (by blogging) has the lyrical concept first…

And that’s it, really! I say I spend less time making my own material, and more time checking on the Eurobeat world. And, for my money, I can’t imagine doing it any other way; how can you know what fans like without seeing what they’re listening to/creating themselves? It’s the sign of a successful community, no matter its focus (be it a genre, a specific movie/artist/character/etc), when its fanbase GIVES BACK to it. Think about how many Mario fan-games there are, or the sheer number of Touhou THINGS there are in the world (the amount of material that comes from fans ALONE is astonishing)! Think about any show, song, anything of that sort that has fanfiction or fan-art (in which case we must, unfortunately, consider quantity over quality). You can tell how well something is doing when its fanbase and community are not just enjoying it, but using it as a muse for their own creativity, as a catalyst for their own creations.

…of course, I’m just sensationalizing by now. But you get the point; I create Eurobeat by knowing what Eurobeat fans want/like. “When The Sun Goes Down”, while a great track in every respect (barring lead vocals :\ ), is a great deal ‘old’ in terms of what I’ve been writing lately. Perhaps the Eurobeat world will enjoy what next I have in store for them.

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