About “Zombie” on TEB Vol. 11 2

Well, darn it. Here we go again. “Zombie” was the first of two songs I produced for TEB Vol.11 and I was excited to take the songs I picked for a spin. I took Yoshika’s theme and really gave it a strong blast-through of eurobeat flavor (plus a couple hints […]

I’m Not Dead, Just Busy.

Hello everyone, It’s been a while since I got back to many of you, particularly here on the blog or on Facebook. I’m writing to let you know I’m not dead or any further put-off after the removal of “Clarity” from my Soundcloud due to suspicious copyright takedown, I’ve just […]

SCP Music Needs Your Help 2

From this post from SCP’s Facebook page: Only 285 views and 5 shares? If these numbers won’t increase, SCP will stop the production of his music and digital distribution.. Please Share!

What MLP Fan-Music Can Learn From 2011 10

Gather round, kids, Grandpa Odyssey/Eurobeat Brony is gonna tell you a thing or two about his day, and you whippersnappers better learn summ’it from it. Please Share!

Five Insane Eurobeat Songs 3

It makes sense that eurobeat has a few oddities, since the genre itself is, by all measures, rather odd. Its quick-and-loose relationship with English and inherent cheesiness makes it a boon for some unusual and smirk-inducing oddities, whether intentional or accidental. This silliness is part of the genre’s charm, and […]


Regarding Grayson Bruce and MLP

Not long after I participated in and spread the word about the fundraising efforts for Michael Morones and his bout with bullying for liking My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (he was bullied to the point of attempting to take his own life, which left him suffering severe brain damage […]

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The Mystery of the Super Eurobeat Font: Solved! 4

Since the most modern version of the series, the font used for the Super Eurobeat logo has evaded many fans. Just what was that font, and where could one find it, or even use it for themselves? A particularly resourceful fan of the series, Humbedooh, created a faithful facsimile of […]

New Tutorial Series: “Budget Controllerism”

I’ve had a few folks ask how I perform live shows, or how they might begin to do the same thing. I’ve decided to create a tutorial series on how folks might go about pursuing the particular method I use while keeping costs low! Enter… BUDGET CONTROLLERISM! I intend to […]


A Word about English Miku 2

Today, Version 3.0 of Hatsune Miku is now available to international audiences— on Windows AND OSX, marking the first time Vocaloid Software has been readily accessible on the latter platform. North and South American fans can buy it here. English-speaking fans have been clamoring for this update (mostly for the […]